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Hand Made Guitars

Millstone 685 5 String Archtop Bass Guitar

  •  The 685 is a 5 string slimline hollow body archtop bass with acoustic and electric pick up capabilities 
  •  Archtop front and back
  •  Trademark neck head wedge
  •  Body woods front and back are Quilted Maple and Walnut
  •  Controls are more than 250K audio taper. Vol for each Pick up is the top knob and tone is the bottom in each stack.
  •  Switch positions are neck-both-bridge pickup
  •  Roewood fretboard with Teak oil finish.
  •  Frets are EVO Gold.
  •  Pickups are Seymour Duncan.
  •  Both pickup covers are custom made.
  •  Tuners are gold with key type heads.
  •  Pick guard is custom made from polycarbonate for longevity.
  •  Laser engraving of the customers name must be done prior to finishing at extra charge.
  •  Finish is two part automotive urethane except for Rosewood neck.
  •  Production is about 3 months.
  •  Left hand and 4 string no extra cost. 
  •  6 string extra cost.
  •  Unique head shape lets us make a bass that is not neck heavy.
  •  4 and 5 string may be ordered without lines or side dots. Ask for quote.